Cycling is a good exercise.It rejuvenates a new energy in us .


It’s really efficient

Our lives become more over-scheduled each year, but cycling is a workout that fits in relatively easily because it can replace a morning and afternoon commute. Riding to work – even just a couple of times each week — not only burns calories, but it also sets the tone for the day.

We acknowledge that not everyone lives within cycling distance of where they work and many of us have children to drop off and collect, but there is a good percentage of people who have this option; they just need to give it a try. When you do, you’ll be amazed at how efficient it is.

Cycling saves money

It goes without saying that a bicycle is cheaper to buy and maintain than a car. Equally obvious is the fact that the energy used to propel a bike doesn’t come from a gas station. So each time you swap a car trip for a bike trip, you’re saving money.



3. Biking can actually make you smarter

Recent research shows that cycling as a form of exercise sha as well. Cycling gets the nerve cells in your brain firing and as these neurons spark into action they foster the production of proteins such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

It also helps your neurotransmitters communicate more effectively. Put simply, this means you improve your ability to retain information and ability to concentrate. With every turn of the pedals your brain gets stronger.

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4. Bikes are much safer than you think

There seems to be a perception that cycling is dangerous. The biggest kicker of course is that throwing your leg over a bike now and again has an overwhelming potential to actually save your life.



5.Cycling is becoming easier each year

Thanks to cycling’s booming popularity, it’s has become increasingly convenient. Local governments are building and upgrading bike paths in many cities and towns. Bike parking and showers are being demanded by employees and are now designed into most new office buildings.



 6.Somewhere, the perfect bike is waiting for you

There are so many different kinds of bikes there’s bound to be a style and price point to suit your needs. Whether it’s a city bike for short commutes to work and the store, a ‘fixie’ if you’re a hipster, a cruiser if you’re never in a hurry, a racing bike if you’re always in a hurry and mountain bikes if you’re an outdoor type.

7. Bikes can make great (little) people movers

If you find that everywhere you need to go, there are several smaller and cuter versions of you who are depending on you to get them there, then there are plenty of family options. You’ve probably seen families out on bikes and parents towing kids along in those little trailers. These parents aren’t just getting from A to B, they’re also teaching their kids the good habits of exercise.

8.Cycling builds your muscles

Because it works the glutes, quads and calves and leaves you with lean muscles from your ankles all the way up to your lower back. Some of the less obvious benefits include surprising improvement in core muscle groups from balancing, which improve your posture, and upper body strength as well, giving you an all over workout. But the best bit is it’s also fun, which means it keeps your mind busy while your body does all the work, so your more likely to keep it up long term. Join Our Community



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