Golf is such a versatile game. Arguments all over the world take place day-in day-out over which sport is the best with everyone believing their sport is the best of them all. Ultimately it comes down to a matter of opinion.


Golf is known for its un – written rules like never walking on your playing partners’ putting lines, shaking hands at the end of each round, and the way everyone in the group gets together to help look for strayed golf balls. The game teaches good manners and respect, and this is something we should be very proud of as golfers.

There’s plenty of different formats

You can play medal, stableford, texas-scramble, foursomes, greensomes, the list goes on. There are so many different ways to score and enjoy your golf meaning that it never gets boring.



Golf is such a versatile game. You can play on your own or with up to three of your mates at one time.

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You can compete with anyone despite contrasting abilities

Thanks to the handicap system, golfers of all different abilities can compete against one another on a level playing field. You can compete against a professional, what other sport can you do that in without a blindfold or a weapon.

Different ways of transporting your clubs

There are various ways of transporting your clubs. Most golfers carry, use a trolley, or a buggy but you can even transport them on a GolfBoard.


No age limit

Tiger Woods started playing when he was two, and the world’s oldest golfer is 103. Every club has its senior section and every club has its junior section. Golf is enjoyed by people of all different ages which is unseen in most other sports.

You can play as a team or an individual

Golf is commonly played as an individual game but can be played as a team event in all sorts of different varieties. You can have teams of any number: pairs, three-balls, fourballs or 12-man Ryder Cup style teams.



Ryder Cup Team Europe

No round of golf is ever the same

If you’re a member of a golf club you’ll inevitably have been asked by your non-golfing companions “don’t you get bored of playing the same course over and over again?” Well the answer is always no. The conditions are never the same, the company is never the same, and your golf is certainly never the same. Every single round of golf is different and that’s why we love it and keep coming back to it.



Whilst it’s not the most physically demanding sport out there, many forget that golfers walk over six miles on an average 18-hole round. That’s up hill, down hill, on sand, in thick rough and through all sorts of different terrains. We’ve all sprinted back to the tee in a medal like Usain Bolt when we’ve lost our tee shot – great exercise.

Reasons why Golf is the best sport

Reasons why Golf is the best sport

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