1. You can meet people by your Hobbies.

Moving to a new city? Newly single? Pursue a hobby that requires you to come into contact with other people: team sports, a sewing class at a local fabric store, pottery making through community education

2. Hobbies build self-esteem. 

If you dislike your job or your unhappy in your relationship or you simply feel like you’ve lost your way in life, developing a hobby can be a way to build yourself back up.

3. They’re a way to relieve stress.

This is sort of related to Reason #2, but many hobbies provide stress relief simply because they’re an oasis from the rest of your life. You can forget about a bad meeting at work or a fight you had with your mother while you sing in your church choir or train for a 10k.

4. Hobbies make you interesting.

At a party, you can only talk about being an investment banker for so long. before people’s eyes begin to glaze. But mention that you’ve traveled to 10 countries in South and Central America, and that you have an upcoming trip to Peru planned, and people want to hear more.

5. Hobbies are a point of connection with other people.

If you like gardening? Bowling? Rescuing neglected dogs? These are hobbies shared across a wide range of race, age, gender and economic groups.

6. You can avoid boredom.

I have zero scientific evidence of this. but I really believe that boredom is responsible for a lot of society’s ills. and people’s destructive behaviors. How many people come home and drink 4 or 5 beers every night. simply because it’s something to do while they watch TV?

What if 1 or 2 of those nights they were at a class learning to make stained glass or canning the produce from their garden instead?

7. They keep you youthful.

Maybe this isn’t on your mind yet. but establishing hobbies now. (even if they change over the years) is a really healthy habit to form for your later years.

8. Hobbies enrich your perspective.

Remember that old public service announcement: “The more you know, the more you grow”? Yes, I’m channeling the late 80s here.

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